Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Gwendolyn Brooks Deserves a fan page

Gwendolyn Brooks is a phenomenal poet and artist who is more than worthy of her very own fan page. Her art exemplifies many humanistic emotions and addresses controversial issues and characters which makes her a diverse and bold artist. Her poetry has a refreshing and subtle contemporary style which mostly describes African American city life. As an established poet Gwendolyn Brooks was the first African American women to win the Pulitzer Prize. By the age of sixteen Brooks had already written seventy five poems, demonstrating her love and passion for the arts, an important trait for an individual to possess in poetry. Gwendolyn Brooks addresses the issue of prejudice regarding skin color amongst the black community through concise technical form, careful word choice, and elaborate word play. Brooks was also very poignant in stating her stance on the unfair treatment of oppressed groups such as African Americans and females of any race. It is extremely commendable for an artist to not only address such controversial issues but to raise awareness through her poetry. Adversity is the stepping stone to true art and as a child Gwendolyn Brooks used her difficult childhood full of bullies and prejudice to create influential and beautiful poetry, demonstrating her strength and endurance as an individual. The reasons that I have listed above regarding why Gwendolyn Brooks deserves her own fan page are just a few of many. As as artist she has inspired many people but as an individual she is more than exceptional.

-Giau Le


  1. I like the poems throughout your blog, since I am not familiar with her it was nice getting a feel of her writing style. I also liked how you incorporated class material like the double bind that Gwendolyn Brooks wrote about. What was her home life like? what inspired her to write poetry?

  2. Well a lot of her poems pertain to black city life and she has been writing since she was a very young girl. She draws her inspiration from reality and what she experienced growing up in Chicago. As as child Gwendolyn was bullied when she was little because of her skin color in the black community and the non-black communities. Lots of her poems pertain to the prejudice she experienced. Gwendolyn's family life was very normal and encouraging. Her mother was the one who discovered her gift of poetry at age seven and was the one who exposed her to a variety of literature and poems. Her father was a hard working man who also supported her talent as an artist. Thanks for the comment and questions.


  3. This is a nice introduction to your blog.