Friday, April 30, 2010

Some more about the Poem, "Crazy Women"

It has already been stated that the women in the poem by Gwendolyn Brooks titled, “Crazy Women” who is considered by her peers as "crazy" does not care what people think of her. The one thing she wants to do is what makes her happy not what others expect of her

"I’ll wait until November

That is the time for me.

I’ll go out in the frosty dark

And sing mostly terribly.

And all the little people

Will stare at me and say,

This is the Crazy Woman

Who would not sing in May.”

The women in the story understands that the judgment upon her is not as important following her heart and doing as she pleases, not what the hegemonic groups have determined significant in her society. This women in the story reminds me of the story by Mary Freeman, "The Revolt of Mother." Sarah Penn, a women who is describe to be "revolting" from her husband is simply not abiding by the gender roles at the time and speaking up against her husband for the sake her daughter Nanny and her son to have a better home to live and get married in. The two stories have a common underlying theme that women are expected to abide by certain rules that are not very beneficial to women at all. They are simply to quiet us, providing yet another double bind situation. If the women do not speak up they are continually oppressed and treated unfairly by each other and their societies. But, if they do they are either considered a bad mother who is revolting or worse "crazy." -Giau Le

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